What is a Virtual CEO?
At Hancock + Associates, a Virtual CEO is an experienced entrepreneur who helps CEOs of innovative companies grow their businesses. We not only provide advice, we lend a hand to help you execute the plan and achieve your goals.

We work on your business with you – and in your business to help manage the day-to-day responsibilities – one, two or three days per week, depending on your needs.

We’re entrepreneurs as well. Our experience has shown us…
As CEO, you need to focus on growing your business, not simply running it, or your company won’t survive. You need a solid plan for how you’re going to generate revenue and grow profits. But, with limited resources and a competitive market, balancing action and planning is critical. So is ensuring your team is aligned and committed to your vision and strategy. Most important, measuring your company’s performance improves your chances of success. Significantly. We can help you meet these challenges. And more.

Defining your market opportunity and value proposition - Strategic and business planning Marketing and sales strategy - Financing and financial management
Organizational alignment - Measuring performance