Are you ready to grow your business?
Businesses tend to grow in stages. But growth is by no means guaranteed. Often a business reaches a plateau (in either revenue or profits) and, unless the CEO makes some changes to the way in which the business operates, growth can stagnate and even decline.

Stages of Business Growth - pic 2

What are the indicators?
Here are some of the indicators that would suggest a change is in order to break through the growth barrier:
  • CEO is running the business, leaving too little time to grow it… and may even be starting to burn out
  • CEO is selling existing products and services
  • Lack of a repeatable sales process (tested, documented and monitored)
  • Inadequate financial management system – does not provide complete annual forecasting and is not audit-ready
  • Lack of performance management system and organizational alignment to strategy
  • Lack of continuous innovation strategy

Which changes does your company need to make? How can you manage the change effectively, to ensure everyone buys into the new way of doing business? There’s no single answer; it really does depend on your business and how you’ve managed to succeed to this point. Hancock + Associates can not only help identify the necessary changes, but we can take the lead to implement them successfully and grow your business to the next level.